U.S. Senate candidate for Utah, Becky Edwards talks to KVNU’s For the People host Jason Williams on 5-5-2022.

LOGAN — A United States Senate Race is added to the list of primary races in Utah. On KVNU’s For the People program last week, Senate candidate Becky Edwards was our guest in-studio.

She talked about going from representing a state house district to getting to know the entire state.

“It has been an amazing experience and such a privilege. So I announced my candidacy almost a year ago, it was May 27th. It wasn’t very long after that, that we were up here in Cache Valley, and we’ve been up here many times throughout the summer, in the winter and now we’re here again today. It is always a good day when we’re in Cache Valley. We have a long history of some great partners of community members here working on issues with me when I was serving in the Utah House,”  she explained.

Edwards said she would love to continue to learn about the community here, the good things that are happening and how she can be a partner and help support the community members, family members and businesses that are growing here.

When she was a state lawmaker, she was known, informally, as the education lawmaker.  Edwards talked about where that comes from.

My parents were both educators, so it was something that was always important to me. My Dad was a professor at BYU, my Mom was a high school teacher at Provo High. So when I got into the legislature I actually had the privilege of serving on both higher ed and public ed and then (the)education appropriations committee. And at the same time that was happening I was serving as the chair of the economic development and workforce services committee. So I really led out on some kind of innovative education to workforce pipeline things.”

She said so many good things are happening locally with Bridgerland Technical College and with Utah State University.

Edwards said there also a robust, diversified economy here including manufacturing, agriculture and tech.

She said it’s both a nod to the legacy of the people here but also very welcoming to the future.

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