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Emmett was young when he learned how to shoe. His father had plenty of horses to do. Did he understand this daunting task? I doubt he even thought to ask. Shoeing a horse is a painful profession. After doing a few, most have learned their lesson.

Some horses behave and don’t cause a fuss, but others just make you want to cuss. Well, every outfit had a wild cayuse. If it wasn’t for crow bait they’d have no use. But even cayuses need regular shoeing, and Emmett well knew one of those he’d be doing.

The day arrived to put shoes on that steed. Would he be nice? Follow Emmett’s lead? Well, that’s something you won’t likely see from this horse that’s meant for the glue factory.

Standing nearby was a dude from New York. By the look in his eye he’d just pulled a cork. He said “Hey can I get in the action?” Emmett came back with a firm reaction. “No, you better stay back, you see, this horse could kill both you and me.”

So Emmett began what he knew how to do. He picked up one foot and started to shoe. Of course that horse wasn’t gonna hold still. What would have helped was a good old lead pill.

Now out of the corner of Emmett’s left eye, he noticed the dude moving in close by. That dude gave a kick to the horse’s mid gut, then gave him a whack right there on the butt.

The horse then kicked back, just missing the dude. Surprise! Emmett hadn’t been clued. He looked at the dude, his face was aghast. The whole thing happened a little too fast.

That was so unexpected, and how did he dare? Emmett was speechless, just gave him a stare. The dude backed away, his face turning red, as he silently slunk back to hide in the shed. Why he kicked that horse was a mystery, and his stupid prank went down in history.

The years flew by fast. It seemed like a race. Emmett now struggling to keep up the pace. How long could he keep up this way of life? He had three growing kids and a cute little wife.

His job at the mill always kept him so busy, and Emmett was close to having a tizzy. He knew that one day he must make a choice. As part of this family he did have a voice.

Then early one morning he picked up the phone. His dad said, “I’ve got that old roan. She needs to be shod and there’s four more to do. Can you have them all ready by, say, one or two?”

Well at two o’clock shoeing was all complete. There were new iron shoes on those horses’ feet. Now Emmett felt great, he’d broken no sweat. Emmett HIRED the job and now felt no threat.

So how could he change and not be a wreck? Just plain and simple it’s called WRITE OUT A CHECK!