LOGAN — Nolan Gunnell is an incumbent candidate for his seat on the Cache County Council.

On KVNU’s For the People program on Monday, he said growth and affordable housing continue to be issues for local residents.

“We have a lot of challenges in front of us. I mean, the state legislature (with their mandates on growth) and the housing crisis that’s before us, there’s not enough houses. And if there are enough houses, the cost of them for a young family to get into them is horrendous. I served on the Board of Adjustments with the county, and I was on the Planning and Zoning for 15 years before coming on the county council,” said Gunnell.

He explained that Planning and Zoning is the land use of the county and when you talk about growth, much of it is internal.

“I raised four children and three of my children actually live here in the valley with us now, and so that growth is coming with all of us,” Gunnell exclaimed. “So, growth is a challenge, but I’m also…I grew up in Mount Sterling on a dairy farm and worked with my father who is a World War II veteran and served and worked. I know the value of agricultural in this county, I know the value of open space.”

Gunnell said property rights come to mind very much as you balance out growth and understand what is going to happen.

He said with some of these farmers, they have not had the opportunity to have a 401K or somebody matching funds for them to have a retirement account.

“A lot of these guys when they get ready to retire, there’s a problem there. One, the value of the ground has gone up and those new people who want to farm, that is a challenge to buy it and be able to afford to farm it and get it out of there. And the farmer who is ready to sell, he needs money so that he can go into retirement and enjoy it at that same time.”

He said that is a consequence of the growth. Gunnell said that is some of the things the county council and planning and zoning commission are looking at.

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