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The year doesn’t end for a while but members of the Cache County Council spent some time Tuesday night looking at priorities for the 2017 budget. This will continue at council meetings and budget workshops until the end of the year.

County Executive Craig Buttars said he has been taking a look at the Cache County Library which is housed in Providence and the Bookmobile which is owned by the state but serves all of Cache County.

Buttars told the council that regular circulation is down this year by approximately 7,000 when compared to last year at this time. And he said the Bookmobile had a cost of $98,000.

“I took the circulation from Providence, because that’s where our county library is, I took that out and I took the circulation from Rich County out,” Buttars explained to the council. “I divided that by the total amount of budget that we’re putting toward the Bookmobile for the next year.

“That means that for every book that is checked out through the Bookmobile it cost the county $4.50.”

Buttars said Cache is now the largest county in the state still getting the Bookmobile and the council members might look at whether or not it ought to continue. Budget hearings are scheduled to start soon.

By Staff