LOGAN — Campbell Scientific, Inc., recently broke ground on a new manufacturing facility that will be located adjacent to its existing facility in Logan. Company headquarters are located at 815 West 1800 North in Logan and the new facility, spanning 82,000 square feet, represents the largest expansion endeavor in the history of Campbell Scientific, Inc. 

“We’re expanding our manufacturing capabilities like never before,” said CEO Rob Campbell in a release, “with new investments that pave the way for enhanced machining, surface-mount equipment, inventory, and additional manufacturing space.”

Scheduled for completion by late spring 2025, the new facility will help improve the company’s commitment to advancing global scientific endeavors. Since 1974, Campbell Scientific has used innovative technology and services to assist nations around the world to be better prepared to mitigate extreme climate events.

“More important than the size of the building is the investment in the people that advance our cause for developing science and technology for the benefit of humankind,” Campbell added. “The impact of the sensors and the instrumentation that will be built in this building will be felt worldwide, as these products that we build will be sent to measure and monitor the environment of the world, the infrastructure of the world, and the clean energy being generated for the world.”

Multiple generations of the Campbell family participated in the symbolic groundbreaking.

“This is going to be a fantastic building,” Campbell said. “We’re thrilled to be building in the place where the company was started 50 years ago—right here in Logan, Utah. Cache Valley is a great place to work, to live, to raise a family, and to run a business. We are surrounded by great people in a wonderfully supportive community that allows us to continue to thrive as an international organization.”

Manufacturing, sales, and support offices for Campbell Scientific are now located in 14 locations around the world, with most products manufactured at the U.S. facility. Globally, Campbell Scientific employs nearly 700 individuals, with over 300 people in engineering, production, sales, marketing, and administration departments located at the facility in Logan.

The company was founded in 1974 by brothers Eric and Evan Campbell.

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