Source: CVDaily Feed

Common Ground Outdoor Adventures enables people with disabilities to participate in outdoor recreation activities. Sometime in the not-too-distant future they plan is to build a 3600-square-foot lodge at Beaver Mountain Ski Resort.

Eric Kleven is the father of a special needs daughter and he is President of the Ashlin Mae Kleven Foundation which has pledged $100,000 to get the project underway with an ongoing commitment of $100,000 over the next five years for operations.

“Having a special needs daughter this really hits close to home, having an adaptive center at Beaver Mountain that can be used by those with special needs, year round,” said Kleven.

All but $86,000 of the $500,000 project cost has been raised.

“Weather-related, and as a few more charitable donations to come in, we are hoping to start breaking ground this fall. We do need to have all money in place before we start construction.”

Kleven said the main floor of the new building is strictly for adaptive recreation.

“Those with special needs, those in wheelchairs, would be able to go up Logan Canyon to Beaver Mountain and be able to use a facility that is 100 percent wheelchair-accessible with wheelchair-accessible restrooms. It will have a deck on it so people in wheelchairs can go out and enjoy things that you and I possibly take for granted everyday we’re up in the mountains.”

He said Beaver Mountain management has expressed 100 percent support of the project and the plan is to build it adjacent to the Harry’s Dream Lift.

“The reason it’s going there by Harry’s Dream is so those with special needs can be right there and see what others see everyday.”

Kleven invites those with questions to call him at 435-563-6825.