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“I love the low educated people.”

—Donald Trump

If the Republican Party wants to save itself from losing a third straight presidential election, as well as a majority in the United States Senate whilst simultaneously losing the respect and credibility it had to work hard to regain in the aftermath of the Watergate scandal, then it must do whatever is necessary to prevent Donald J. Trump from being its nominee for the most powerful office on the planet.

Donald Trump’s bizarre and unnerving history of lying, megalomaniacal actions, misogyny, crudeness and opaque stances on foreign policy are enough to make him the very worst legitimate candidate for president in my lifetime. When you couple his incorrigible behavior with the rabble he courts to attain the GOP nomination – namely: racists, xenophobes, birthers, violent extremists, uncompromising Tea Party lunatics and those who Senator Ted Cruz aptly branded as “low information voters” – and what you have is a neo-fascist campaign that can not only dismantle the GOP but will also inflict serious damage to America’s reputation around the world.

Donald Trump is dangerous. And any Republican who decides to back him as he tries to take over this country should be voted out of office at the first opportunity. To win the White House, Trump uses rhetoric to incite an unruly mob of people too stupid to understand their chosen candidate views them with disdain as he insidiously lies right in their faces. Trump knows who is supporting him. He inflames their hatred. He incites them. And the GOP sits idly by and allows it to happen.

I will not vote for Donald Trump for president. I rescind my previous prognostication that despite my loathing for him that I would want Donald Trump to beat Hillary Clinton should they be the nominees of the two major political parties. I will refuse to show any outward respect or civility towards any person I know who supports Donald Trump’s campaign. And I will not allow myself to be a member of a political party whose primary and caucus environment resembles Germany and Italy in the 1920’s.

If the GOP walks out of its convention in Cleveland on July 21st consolidated and aligned around Donald Trump as its nominee, then I will take joy when they are humiliated in November by an electorate that will soundly, and with extreme prejudice, deny them power and reject their vainglorious candidate.

A group of unhinged, bitter losers have hijacked the Republican Party…my party! When Donald Trump is put forth in front of the full country, he must be defeated. Even if the only viable alternative is a crooked, avaricious, insincere, power-hungry, lying tyrant named Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton? Second only to the eternal taint of slavery, this is unquestionably the lowest point in the history of this nation. Madness.

It is because of this grotesque irony that I call on the Republican leadership to do everything in its power to create as much chaos as possible in Cleveland—-including changing the rules of the convention on the fly—to blatantly prevent Donald Trump from being its nominee for president.

The GOP is a not a public institution. It is a political party that can devise whichever rules and guidelines it deems proper and necessary to govern its members. Since its founding in 1854, it has survived the Civil War, Reconstruction, Prohibition, the Great Depression, McCarthyism, Watergate and the flawed, counterproductive war in Iraq during George W. Bush’s administration. The GOP always bounces back because the Democrats tend to be equally as dysfunctional when in the majority. In time, Americans reject the Democrats leftist agenda for more sound governing. It is a damn shame we never get that.

If Donald Trump is the GOP nominee for president, it will be another calamitous event that will not only destine them to another humiliating loss, but given the open hostility exemplified by Trump supporters, it could easily tattoo the GOP as the party of redneck appeasement.

Trump must be stopped…by any means necessary.

When the GOP Rules Committee meets in early July to set the criteria by which its convention would be run, one of two scenarios will be in place: Trump will have a majority of the delegates promised to him to be the nominee, or he will not.

Under the second premise, the choice is easy. The GOP should open the floor for any Republican to put forth into nomination. Hopefully, House Speaker Paul Ryan would be prompted into accepting the nomination and the GOP unifies as it marches to certain victory. If not Ryan, so long as Trump loses, I really would be OK with anyone picked.

If Trump does have the majority needed, then the GOP can simply throw out its own rules. The GOP cannot allow a reality television cult of personality to be their leader; not when he cultivates the very worst of human behavior from bigots and extremists.

The GOP leadership should simply state that the entire primary season did not count. They should take a Mulligan and do it all over again. If they go by the rules and let Trump’s omnipresent pomposity be the face of the party, they will lose badly.

And it is worse if Trump wins. If he becomes president, then a man of suspect sanity and irrational egotism will run the country. That’s better than Hillary?

This Tuesday, I will walk into Mount Logan Middle School to caucus with my fellow Utah Republicans. I will support Senator Ted Cruz. I do not agree with Cruz on a number of issues. But, he is rational, sane and possesses an acuity about foreign policy. In other words, not Trump. This may very well be the last thing I ever do as a Republican before leaving the party in disgust.

Donald Trump has caused chaos in the GOP. He has made Hillary Clinton look like an acceptable alternative. The only way to combat the chaos he has caused—and would cause as president—is to inflict chaos on him in Cleveland.

The GOP leadership must stop Donald Trump from destroying the party. Chaos, to prevent chaos, may be the only recourse left.