LOGAN — Search and Rescue crews were called out to help a stranded hiker Tuesday afternoon. The 28-year-old man reportedly called 911 after getting stuck in Logan Canyon, US-89.

Cache County Sheriff’s Lt. Tim Ramirez said the hiker was in the steep rocks above the Stokes Nature Center Trail when they became “cliffed out.” The man was not injured but couldn’t figure out how to get down safely.

Search and Rescue teams were able to locate the man using a drone. A deputy was then able to climb up to the hiker.

Ramirez explained that crews originally planned to set up ropes and lower the man off of the cliffs. However, due to the steep and rocky conditions, a helicopter from the Department of Public Safety was called in.     

The helicopter was able to use a hoist to lift the man off of the cliff and return him to a command center that was set up along the highway. He was unhurt and released without requiring any medical treatment.

The rescue took about four hours. Deputies briefly shut down a section of US-89, to allow the DPS helicopter to land several times during the rescue.  

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