LOGAN — The upcoming Cache Valley Chamber of Commerce Awards Gala is an opportunity to celebrate some of the great entities and individuals in our valley who help drive business growth and make great contributions to what makes Cache Valley a great place to work and live.

This year’s Gala will be held next Friday, March 8th at the Riverwoods Conference Center.

On KVNU’s For the People program on Thursday, chamber president Jamie Andrus told us about this year’s program.

“Well, we usually call for nominations and we did get some nominations, and we also look around and kind of keep our eye out for businesses and organizations that really need some recognition. These are usually not nominated by themselves, so this isn’t something that a business says ‘oh I want to get some attention,’” Andrus explained.

She said this year the committee decided it was time to look at some legacy businesses and organizations. So, Andrus said they are kind of doing a blast from the past.

“When I look at the list of the many, many years we’ve been doing this, and there were businesses and some organizations that were missing. And we wanted to highlight a really fun, new event this year, and that made us think of a legacy event,” Andrus explained. “I’ll give you just a little sneak peak, because they’re on our website, but we’re going to honor Richmond Black & White Days. Do you know, they’ve been around for over 100 years?”

She said they have never been given an award. A more recent event that will get recognition from the chamber is the Giant Pumpkin Festival that was held in downtown Logan this past September.

Andrus said the Legacy Business of the year is Central Milling.

“It’s huge because it is the oldest, longest running business in the state of Utah. That’s why we chose it.”

Some seats are still available for this year’s awards gala at CacheChamber.com.

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