CACHE COUNTY – At the last minute, candidate Dirk Anderson tossed his hat into the ring for the upcoming Republican special election for Cache County Clerk/Auditor.

That special election will take place on Saturday, April 13 during the Cache County GOP Nominating Convention at Mount Logan Middle School.

Anderson, who is the chief deputy to County Executive David Zook, will face off against Bryson Behm, the only other candidate to file for the special election.

Behm had been the chief deputy and election supervisor in the administration of former Clerk/Auditor Jess Bradfield, who resigned in June of 2023.

Anderson filed his candidacy for the special election on Saturday, April 6, seeking to fulfill the temporary elective vacancy left by the resignation of former Clerk/Auditor David Benson in early March. If he is successful in that bid, Anderson will only occupy that post until January of 2025.

On his website, Anderson says he has more than 15 years experience in financial affairs for local, county and state governments in Utah, Alaska and California.

If elected, his pledged priorities will be clarifying fiscal processes for citizens and county leaders; simplifying government; and reducing the cost of county government.

Anderson is obviously hoping that occupying the clerk/auditor’s post — even temporarily — will give him an advantage in the race to fill the new elective position of county auditor in November.

The functions of the clerk and auditor at Cache County level have been combined for a decade, but the Cache County Council voted in October of last year to once again split those responsibilities into two offices, resulting in separate elections in November of this year.

In the running for the new post of county auditor are Dianna Schaeffer, the current county tax administrator; Matthew C. Funk, a certified public accountant in private practice; and Anderson. Brittany Kingston, the county’s budget analyst, withdrew from that race.

Now running for the county clerk’s post in the November election are Behm and challenger Sebastian Luu.

Republican county delegates and precinct officers — chairs, vice chairs, secretaries and treasurers — will be eligible to vote in the April 13 special election, according to County GOP Chair Geoff Cox.

The Mount Logan Middle School is located at 875 North, 200 East in Logan.

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