Source: CVDaily Feed

More people have started coming to Cache County for vacations, according to Julie Hollist, the Executive Director of the Cache Valley Visitors Bureau. On KVNU’s For the People program last week, Hollis said it is surprising how many international visitors have been coming and calling to get information about Cache Valley.

Hollist said the largest number of international visitors have been coming from Canada.

“As the exchange rate has changed more in their favor in the last few years so it’s more equal, we have seen a big increase in the Canadians who are starting their trips in the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia,” Hollist said. “And they just drive.”

“They drive down through Glacier National Park, through Yellowstone and to Jackson or Grand Teton National Park and come to Logan, on their way down to see Southern Utah parks or whatever lies beyond this for them.”

Hollist said her office is funded by the transient room tax that hotels and motels receive when people stay at their facilities.