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Parents, students and teachers visiting websites for schools in the Cache County School District have noticed a recent change. All the websites have undergone a complete redesign.

“We basically replaced the district website and all 25 of our schools,” says Tim Smith, Public Information Officer and Chief Information Officer for the Cache County School District.

Smith says the change was necessary because there was a change with the company they previously used to host and support the websites.

“This presented an opportunity to re-look at how we present ourselves to the public and redesign things,” he continues. “We wanted it to be more user friendly and have more information accessible to focus on what we do as a business, more pictures of kids and educators, and hopefully make things easier to find for folks.”

Smith says the district worked for several months finding a hosting company that could meet the district’s needs while also providing templates that would allow the schools to better communicate with students, parents and educators.

The sites went live on Monday, October 10th and also include a new public information office.

“One of the things we’re hoping to do is to start highlighting the good things. There are a lot of things that go on in our district that are fabulous on a daily basis,” Smith continues. “We’re hoping to highlight those and we’ve designed the site to allow us to do that.

“You’ll see some feature stories of different teacher spotlights, articles on remodels that we’ve done, we’ve got the Christmas Tree Jubilee advertised on there, those type of things we can quickly get out to the public.”

Smith says much of the same information that was on the previous sites is still available. The district recognizes the public doesn’t come to the school websites for a social experience, but to find information. Smith says there are some sections of the websites designed specifically for parents, while others are for students.

A new system for the school board has also been launched, Smith says, to help the district do a better job managing agendas and publicizing what is going on with the school board.

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