Source: CVDaily Feed

Now that he has resigned his seat on the Cache County Council, Craig Buttars is thinking even more seriously about the job he is starting soon. At the first of the year Buttars will become the Cache County Executive, an office he was elected to in November.

Buttars said he feels his predecessor Lynn Lemon, who is retiring, has done a great job over the last 20 years.

He does have goals of his own, however, and one is making the county fairgrounds an even greater resource than it is now.

“I’d like to explore the opportunity,” said Buttars, “of creating some type of year round center where we could have activities at an indoor arena, similar to what Weber County has.

“I’d like to explore that opportunity. Funding, of course, would be an issue.”

Besides wanting to see more done at the Cache County Fairgrounds, Buttars is also concerned about the county’s future water needs. He likes the idea of a water conservancy district.

“I think as we look to the future that it’s important for us to have a conservancy district just so we can be in the discussion,” said Buttars, “and so that we can have the tools that we need to protect our water in the future. I think a water conservancy district is going to be the best way to do that.”

He said there should be a lot of public input sought to make sure it is what the citizens want. Buttars replaces Lynn Lemon who is retiring after 20 years as county executive.

In addition to serving on the county council over the last six years, Buttars was a Republican State Representative for 10 years representing District 3.