Source: CVDaily Feed

After nine months it is finally over: the investigation and audit of the Cache County Treasurer’s Office. Greg Merrill, chairman of the Cache County Audit Committee, says the news from the Attorney General’s Office is good news.

Merrill explains that the Attorney General’s Office will be taking no action in connection with the Cache Treasurer’s office.

“The Attorney General has come down with their opinion that there was really no malfeasance that took place,” Merrill says. “Malfeasance actually takes it to the level of criminal. But there was misfeasance.

“Misfeasance means there were procedures that were going on that did not follow state or county code, but did not raise to any level of criminal. So really it was just following through with policies and procedures to make sure they were in compliance with county and state codes.”

He says upon hearing allegations of non-compliance to state and county codes regarding the collection and abatement of taxes, the audit committee and Cache County Council requested an extended external audit by Jones-Simpkins. It revealed practices that were not following state and county codes and a corrective action plan to correct these issues was completed.

Merrill says the corrective action plan and recommendations outlined by the external auditor have been implemented, and an internal auditor has been hired in part to oversee and report the compliance with the state and county codes regarding assessment and collection of taxes. Audits of other departments are also planned.

To see the entire press release regarding the Cache County Audit Committee’s response to the Utah Attorney General’s investigation, see the attached Cache County Treasurer’s Office audit response.