Source: CVDaily Feed

In a research study of 1,000 people, 98 percent said they were unable to keep resolutions. If your 2015 New Year’s resolutions are already crumbling, don’t give up. To achieve success, review, revise and recommit to your goals.

First, review your choices. You may be expecting too much of yourself by setting too many goals requiring too many changes. Instead, revise your list to include no more than one or two reasonable goals that can be achieved over time. Once you have done this, make a new commitment. Research shows that implementing a combination of any four of the following tactics can help you follow through and achieve your goals.

• Create the right environment. If you resolve to cut spending, recognize the difference between needs and wants. Keep a shopping list and purchase only items that you truly need. Leave credit cards home when you go out, and stay away from shopping malls. Consider canceling all but one credit card and avoid shopping websites. If your goal is to lose weight, find a fun way to get more exercise, don’t go grocery shopping when you’re hungry and stock your kitchen with healthy food choices that are low in fats and sugars.

• Identify what motivates you. Make sure your motives align with what matters most to you. Change comes from within, not from peer pressure. Perhaps a resolution to do a kind deed daily for someone or to spend more time with family and friends is more realistic than a goal to stop biting your nails because it bothers someone else.

• Increase your skills. If your resolution is to save money, then gain expertise by learning more about budgeting and personal finance. If your goal is to learn to play the piano or another musical instrument, find a teacher, schedule some lessons and practice, practice, practice.

• Enlist the help of others. Share your goals with supportive family members, friends and colleagues. Ask ahead for reinforcement when your willpower starts to slip. Once on board, they can be a great boost to your confidence.

• Stay away from challenging situations and people who are not supportive. Two resolutions that make the top 10 list each year include “stop smoking” and “stop drinking.” If you’re working on either of these, avoid settings and situations where these activities occur. Also steer clear of people who have weakened your resolve in the past.

• Reward yourself. Plan incentives for good behavior. Measure milestones and be sure to celebrate even small steps toward success. Buy a new book, see a movie, hike a mountain, take a walk with a friend or plan a vacation. Sometimes planning how you will celebrate success is just the ticket you need to keep you motivated and working toward your goals.

• Believe in yourself and drop negative self-talk. American author Napoleon Hill said, “What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” What does success look like when you have achieved your goal? Picture yourself succeeding and never let go of that vision.

Above all, don’t get discouraged. We usually learn more about ourselves through our mistakes, so if you have a setback or don’t see immediate results, don’t give up. Use these strategies to get back in the game. You can still achieve your goals!