WILLARD – Wouldn’t it be nice to have all the yard sales on one day so people could drive around and check them all out at one time instead of going out every Saturday because another one springs up?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have all of the yard sales with addresses and on a map so each sale can be found without driving all over town?

There are no yard sale signs posted on power poles that need to be collected after the event. It would all be taken care of.

Willard Community Yard Sale

A Willard City resident has taken a unique look at yard sales to answer those questions. She decided the whole community should do yard sales on a single day.

This year’s community yard sale will be held on Saturday, May 18 beginning at 8 a.m. Organizer Jordan Hulsey has been doing this for a few hears and feels like it is finally taking hold in her community of some 2,500 residents. This is the first year they have invited kids to set up their stands and lure people in to buy their goods.

“There have been communities that try and stop kids from having lemon aid stands because they didn’t have a business license,” Hulsey said. “The local police suggested we get the kids involved in the yard sale this year to make the community a little more kid friendly.

“So far we have kids selling popcorn, lemonade and cookies. Sunshine and Smiles is selling popsicles and pop, we even have someone selling cotton candy,” she added. “The number of people signed up to have their addresses on the map has doubled from the first year we did this in 2021, It has been gaining traction.”

People interested in participating in the Willard Community Yard Sale should contact Hulsey by texting (435) 553-5731.

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