WELLSVILLE – Nine elementary schools, and hundreds of fifth-grade runners, took to the south side of the Wellsville Tabernacle to run the famous Wellsville Mile. The schools had worked with their students to prepare them for this big yearly event.

For some of the runners it was a breeze, for others it was an exhausting time they hope to never repeat.

The Wellsville Mile has been a tradition for some 44 years. Hundreds of cheering students, teachers and parents filled Wellsville Square. The event proved once again that Cache Valley’s children are resilient and can accomplish some amazing things.

Even Sylur Stocks made the mile in his wheelchair and was proud of is accomplishment. The Wellsville Mile is a rite of passage for students on the south end of Cache Valley.  

Members of the cross country teams from both Mountain Crest and Ridgeline high schools spent the morning running the one-mile course over and over again pushing and encouraging participants to finish the race.

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