LOGAN – A project to promote sustainable practices by switching from space heaters to heated blankets in offices on the Utah State University campus is catching on.

Leading what is called the “Make a Blanket Statement” campaign are students Abby Baggs and Keeley Livingstone, working with USU Facilities. 

The two students in their class — ENVS 4700: Communicating Sustainability — say the heated blankets provide a more energy-efficient alternative. For eight hours of use the energy savings is about 90, so it saves as much carbon dioxide emissions as a 20-hour car trip.

In an effort to get more participants involved with those in ENVS 4700, USU Utilities Energy Manager Zac Cook has joined with Communicating Sustainability in support of the program.

The goal of Make a Blanket Statement is to switch 40 more staff and faculty over to heated blankets, thus doubling the number on campus that have made the change.

The ENVS 4700 course is taught by Roslynn McCann.

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