MILLVILLE – A team of students from Ridgeline High School’s IT STEM Academy clinched the top spot at the annual IT STEM Hackathon at Bridgerland Technical College (BTECH) and recently received their trophy. The event, held on February 12, brought together budding tech enthusiasts for a high-energy competition where they tackled a series of intricate challenges.

BTECH's IT STEM Academy Hackathon award

BTECH’s IT STEM Academy Hackathon award.

Spearheaded by the collaborative efforts of BTECH and local high schools, the Hackathon served as a platform for students to demonstrate their prowess in IT and cybersecurity. Throughout the day-long event, participants engaged in a range of activities, including computer building, data analytics, and service desk scenarios, before facing off in a “Capture the Flag” challenge.

Matthew Foster, IT STEM Program coordinator at BTECH, emphasized the significance of the event in fostering creativity and problem-solving skills among students. 

“The Hackathon wasn’t just a competition,” Foster is quoted as saying in a release by the Cache County School District. “It was a testament to the dedication and talent of our students, highlighting their proficiency in IT and cybersecurity and underscoring the values of the IT STEM Academy.”

Adam Shelton, Ridgeline High STEM Teacher, says the program equips students with industry certifications and practical knowledge, providing them with a head start in their careers.

The IT STEM Academy continues to offer opportunities for students across Cache County School District high schools to engage with hands-on learning experiences and prepare for future endeavors in the ever-evolving field of technology.

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