North Logan mayor-elect Lyndsay Peterson talks to For the People host Jason Williams

NORTH LOGAN — A Cache County city recently made history when it elected its first woman mayor.

On KVNU’s For the People program on Wednesday, North Logan mayor-elect Lyndsay Peterson said as she talked to residents, the focus for her campaign quickly became clear.

“I think it was pretty easy to find a direction for the campaign just because in talking to different citizens, the same issues kept coming up over and over.  Growth was the primary one, and a lot of the ancillary issues to growth like water and infrastructure and housing, those all kind of fell into that broader category of growth. I think that’s what’s on everyone’s minds, and so that’s something that I talked over and over on the campaign trail,” Peterson explained.

She said part of the reason for the city’s growth rests in its location.

“I think everywhere the growth is exploding but…in North Logan we have places, we have quite a few places that were previously farms that are now trying to be developed. So, I think we have places for people and I think we have some really good jobs.  We have access to the university from where we are and just some close-by employers that makes North Logan an easy choice to choose.”

North Logan was one of five cities in Utah that for the first time elected a woman mayor. Peterson said this is a pretty big change for some cities.

“Yeah I think it is, I think that two things have to come about.  One – a woman has to choose to run, and then I think also people have to be open to having a female leader and I think those aren’t givens, right?  I’ve encountered some people on the campaign trail that are just an absolute no for a female mayor. But fortunately I think that’s the minority obviously when you consider the voting (laughs).”

Before the election, Peterson was endorsed by three former (and current) mayors. They were John Bailey, Al Moser and current mayor Damon Cann, who chose not to run for re-election.



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