New Hampshire is home to the first-in-the-nation presidential primary, which took place on Tuesday.

ABC News projects that Trump will win the Republican race over rival Nikki Haley, based on an analysis of the vote, while President Joe Biden will win the Democratic race, based on an exit poll and analysis of the vote.

State significance

The New Hampshire primary is the second stop in the Republican presidential race, coming just eight days after the Iowa caucuses, which Trump also won. There are 22 GOP delegates up for grabs.

One tiny community, Dixville Notch, was the first to cast ballots by hosting a midnight vote for its handful of residents. Their six registered voters all chose Haley.

The small state commands outsized public attention because it comes so early in the calendar. This year, it appears to be Haley’s best chance at a first-place finish, as independent voters are allowed to vote in either the Republican or Democratic races.

Polling averages from New Hampshire, compiled by 538, show Trump remains the the front-runner, with Haley gaining ground in recent weeks but still behind by double digits.

For Democrats, the state doesn’t hold nearly as much weight.

President Biden did not appear on the ballot, and those who did — including long shot candidates Rep. Dean Phillips and author Marianne Williamson — won’t earn any delegates from the process.

That’s because the national party changed its 2024 nominating calendar to elevate South Carolina to the first primary, with Democrats stating it was more diverse and representative of the party’s electorate. New Hampshire officials, led by Republicans, declined to change state law that still required them to go first.

As a result of the conflict, no delegates will be awarded based on Tuesday’s Democratic results and Biden declined to appear as a candidate.

However, a group of grassroots Democrats mounted a write-in campaign they hope will show momentum for the president in his reelection bid.

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