Men work on the new be 80 ft. wide and 200 ft. long bridge over the Logan River on 100 West near 500 South behind the Adams Wealth building on Friday June 3, 2022.

LOGAN – A new bridge spanning the Logan River is in the process of being built on 100 West and near 600 South behind the Adams Wealth building.

Two large cranes from Wadsworth Construction lifted the 140,000 pound cement girders into place on Friday June 3, 2022.

Joey Laprevote, a bridge engineer at JUB Engineers, Inc., said they had some environmental hoops to jump through, but because they weren’t altering the course of the river it wasn’t overly complicated.

“It is big deal environmentally,” he said. “We had to make sure we wouldn’t impact the wildlife and didn’t change the flow or the river when building this bridge.”

He said they worked with the Army Corp of Engineers who issues the permits.

The Logan River is an important part of the greater Bear River ecosystem. The river originates in the Bear River Mountains in the headwaters of Logan Canyon and runs 54 miles into the Little Bear River and on into Cutler Reservoir.

Sawyer Stotts of Albion, ID leans on the fence for a moment while working on the new bridge spanning the Logan River on Friday June 3, 2022.

“There is a process we had to go through,” Laprevote said. “The Bridge will be completed this fall but finishing the road may take longer because of supply chain issues.”

The whole project costs $9 to $10 million, including the roadway from about 600 South to Highway 89/91.

“The bridge has 12 precast, cement girders that weigh 140,000 lbs. each,” he said. “The girders were put into place using two hefty cranes provided by Wadsworth Construction.”

The cranes are part of the Wadsworth Construction’s inventory. They are based out of Salt Lake, and they are the ones building the bridge for LeGrand Johnson Construction which has the contract for the construction of the road.

“The total amount of components for the bridge include 200,000 rebar and 960 yards of concrete,” Laprevote said. “That is the deck, the abutment and all the other parts of the bridge.”

The bridge will be 80 feet wide and 200 feet long with a 30 percent skew.

One of the cranes that lifted the 140,000 lbs. concrete girders for the 80 ft. wide and 200 ft. long bridge over the Logan River on Friday June 3, 2022.

“It is skewed, not a rectangle, so it goes over the river better,” he said. “This is the ninth bridge that crosses over the Logan River after it comes out of Logan Canyon.”

Protecting the river is important to Cache Valley. Not only is it a visual asset, but also irrigates acres of farmland, is used for municipal water supply, and generates hydroelectricity.

Once the bridge and connecting road is complete, 100 West will extend from 1000 North to 1100 South and will work as an alternative bypass to Main Street.


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