This year’s Art in Transit will showcase the artwork of kindergarten, first, second, sixth and seventh grade students from Bear River Charter School.

LOGAN—Students from Bear River Charter School were surprised to discover their artwork had been chosen to adorn a Cache Valley Transportation Department bus to celebrate the tenth year of the Art in Transit: From Schools to Community program adorning the buses.

BRCS students Sophia Kleiner and Harper Lambert stand by Sophia’s portrait featured on the CVTD bus.

“When it finally came on the bus, we were all so surprised,” BRCS Student Harper Lambert said.

Celebrating Art in Transit’s 10th year with the bus wraps featuring the art of students around Cache Valley, the bus was unveiled at this year’s Summerfest which took place last weekend.

Art in Transit’s goal is to feature art made by children in public places by showcasing student artwork inside and out of CVTD buses throughout Cache Valley.

This year’s artwork wrapped around the bus showcases self-portraits by BRCS sixth and seventh graders as well as mixed media collages of flowers by second graders and architectural shapes by kindergarten and first grade students.

“I’m really happy because, you know, you always see the buses driving around with the art on it,” Sophia said. “I think it’s really cool that mine is going to be on it.”

BRCS art teacher Brooke Lambert said she didn’t inform the students their art might be featured on the bus because she didn’t want students to worry about the end product but for them to have fun and experiment with the project.

BRCS students Sophia Kleiner and Harper Lambert stand by Harper’s portrait featured on the CVTD bus.

“I think that changes the level of stress a person feels while creating,” Lambert said. “They had total freedom from that pressure.”

BRCS student Sophia Kleiner said she felt accomplished with her final product since it was something that allowed her to explore different forms of art.

“I felt really good because I thought mine turned out pretty well,” Sophia said. “I was proud that I did a good painting and self-portrait.”

Sophia’s mom, Amy Kleiner, said Lambert helped students create something they were proud of.

Even before we knew about the bus, many kids were so proud of these pieces and they were something that they could take home and keep,” Kleiner said. “To find out that they were going to be on a bus and we are going to see them around town for a year, that’s just like so special.”

According to Lambert, the project was part of the Arts Integration Program which integrates math and other skills into art.

“They are learning about math skills, they’re learning about scale, proportion and practical math,” Lambert said. “It’s all encompassed in a style of art that is personal to them.”

Lambert said that arts integration is an important tool to help students make connections between all of their classes and the world around them. She said Cache Valley is lucky to have a strong art culture and programs like Art in Transit.

We’re lucky in Cache Valley to have a strong art culture,” Lambert said. “Hats off to Aurora Hughes Villa for coming up with this Art in Transit program because I think it speaks volumes to the kids in the community who see their artwork and other kid’s artwork featured on the bus, like it really sends a message.”

Lambert said she believes the program also helps educate the public on the importance of art education for kids.

“This program is so important because it shows our young people what we as adults value,” Lambert said. “We value their contribution.”

The bus will feature the artwork of the BRCS students for a year and Cache Valley residents can see the bus around the valley.

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