WASHINGTON, D.C. – A set of recommendations made by Utah residents for the federal government has been channeled through a debt and deficit task force that was organized by Utah First District Congressman Blake Moore (R-UT).

The membership of this task force represents everything from real estate development to hospitals and clinics. There’s a Retired/ Major-General from the Air Force and many others.

On KVNU’s For the People program on Tuesday, Moore said it’s a lengthy report.

Yeah it’s eight pages, so buckle in listeners, but I think what our government is doing with respect to debt and deficit is worth us to lean in a little bit in this. I’m appreciative being able to talk about it, to be honest with you, because this stuff matters, this is something I’m very passionate about. It’s ultimately what got me into the race,” he explained.

Moore said in January 2020 when he decided to run before COVID, the economy was strong and running on all four cylinders.

“And I came in with this message of ‘we need to take advantage of this growth period to credibly go after our deficit issues. Because for 20 years, we have let this slip, and Republicans and Democrats alike, and I want to be a voice in this. And this is how I’m going to continue to drive this message.”

He said they are not aiming to solve all problems with the eight-page recommendation, but Moore said what they are doing is communicating a commitment, also posing the question of what an ideal state needs to look like for health care, social security and defense spending.

You can download the task force’s report at

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