LOGAN — On KVNU’s monthly Speak to the Mayor program on Wednesday, Logan Mayor Holly Daines said the city encourages bicycle riders and pedestrians and greatly values safety.  


“Certainly with bike/pedestrian safety, that’s something we’ve been working on as a city. People who drive through Logan may have noticed that in a lot of our crosswalks now we have installed, some of them permanently, some we’re moving and rotating their temporary signs, just a big sign that says ‘remember it’s state law that you do have to yield to pedestrians in a crosswalk,'” the mayor explained.


She said sometimes we get focused on where we’re going and may not think about that. The mayor said their goal is to educate the public. Also, with regard to traffic, Daines said research shows that roundabouts are safer than intersections. 


“The data shows just because it simply slows traffic down and there aren’t those t-bone accidents where you’re coming right directly through, roundabouts really are safer,” Daines explained. “They have a better proportion of non-accidents compared to a regular intersection.”     


She said that 49 percent of traffic fatalities were intersect-related. Mayor Daines said they have had a lot of complaints about people running red lights, especially on roads where the speeds are higher. Fortunately, she said, police officers are doing more patrols trying to catch red light violators.


“In fact, one morning, on a Monday morning during morning rush,” Daines exclaimed, “in like 45 minutes, I think the officer had picked up like seven red light violations. And that’s a stiff ticket. I mean, is it worth it?”


Daines urged people to please slow down and plan a few more minutes on your commute, if needed, so you don’t have to rush through.

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