Logan Mayor Holly Daines has endorsed the re-election of incumbent city council members Ernesto López and Amy Z. Anderson.

LOGAN – Logan Mayor Holly Daines has taken the unusual step of publicly endorsing the re-election of incumbent Logan City Council members Amy Z. Anderson and Ernesto López.

“I am supporting the two existing Logan city council candidates, Amy Anderson and Ernesto López, in their re-election campaigns,” Daines said in a Facebook post dated Oct. 4. “Both are thoughtful, responsive members of the council and our community. Their leadership and dedication has been a valuable asset to our city.”

The mayor, who is also running for re-election, simultaneously announced that she is hosting an informal meet and greet for those candidates at her home in the Cliffside neighborhood from 7 to 8 p.m. on Thursday evening.

“Anyone is welcome to meet (Anderson and López), discuss the issues or provide suggestions,” Daines added.

Cache County Clerk and Auditor Jess Bradfield, a former member of the Logan City Council, expressed surprise at the mayor’s announcement.

“It looks like Holly has stopped campaigning for mayor and is now stumping for the city council members she wants,” Bradfield observed.

The county clerk explained that incumbent mayors had previously maintained neutrality in city council campaigns in order to avoid the possibility of strained relationships with successful challengers for at-large seats on the municipal panel.

But Daines said that she has enjoyed working with Anderson and López on the city council and invited residents to meet those candidates and understand their positions on a variety of issues.

Anderson and López are running against council candidate Keegan Garrity for one of two at-large seats on the municipal panel.

Anderson was elected to the city council in 2017, emerging successfully from a crowded field of 10 candidates. She is Director of Outreach for the Sunshine Terrace Foundation and has worked with numerous local non-profit groups.

López joined the Logan City Council in October 2020, after being selected to serve out the unexpired term of former council member Bradfield.

A native of Tijuana, López is an instructional course designer for the Extension Service at Utah State University.

Garrity is a community activist whose public service experience includes co-chairing the Woodruff community council and representing that neighborhood on the city’s ad hoc Voter District Subcommittee.

Daines was elected mayor in 2017 and can claim credit for numerous accomplishments during her first term of office, including a face-lift for Center Street and the implementation of several long-term projects to revitalize the downtown area.

Her previous political experience includes eight years as a member of the Logan City Council.

As members of the Logan Redevelopment Agency, Anderson and López have consistently voted in favor of funding for projects advanced by Daines.

In the city’s ongoing mayoral campaign, Daines is running against political newcomer Dee Jones.

Daines said that city residents wanting to attend the meet and greet for Anderson and López on Thursday should send a message to her Facebook account to obtain her home address.

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