LOGAN — Exciting things are happening at the Logan Library. On KVNU’s monthly Speak to the Mayor program, library director Karen Clark admits it’s been a trying year and a half as they have endeavored to carry on while keeping staff and patrons safe.

But Clark said the exciting thing is that plans are coming to fruition for a new library building on the same grounds as their current location.

“We started the work on it during COVID, so March, April of 2020 the mayor was really excited about it. We have an announcement coming that we are going to unveil the plans, the final plans at the city council meeting on Tuesday, September 7th at 530p.m.  We can’t wait to share this with our patrons, we know everyone’s going ‘oh it’s not happening, it’s never going to happen’.  And we’re like ‘it’s actually happening and we’re so excited,’”  she said.

Clark said in the interim the library will be moving to a warehouse location at the Logan Service Center on 600 North at about 1000 West.

On the same program was assistant director Joseph Anderson. Although they are in an old building, the library has kept up with the times in what they offer.

“We have craft instruction, we have language learning instruction, we have obviously e-books, downloadable books, downloadable audio books,” explained Anderson.

Clark is also excited about the return of a popular festival in September.

September 11th we are doing our Hispanic Heritage Festival, we’ve done this for the past several years, we of course couldn’t do it last year.  It’s an outside event that takes place on a Saturday afternoon, we begin at 4 o’clock. We have vendors selling Hispanic food, we have entertainment such as dancing, music, singing. It’s just a party, where you think libraries don’t have parties, we have parties.”

As for the temporary move, it’s up in the air, but Clark said they do have a goal to begin construction next March which means the existing building would be demolished during February.

So with that timetable, the library would be in the temporary location on 600 North by January, but they will have to see.

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