LOGAN—In light of the recent events in Texas and the conclusion of the school year, Logan City School District sent an email reflecting on the school safety practices currently in place at the schools.

“This morning our hearts are heavy as we learn more details of the tragedy yesterday in a school in Texas,” LCSD Foundation Executive Director District Communications Specialist Shana Longhurst said in the email. “As we wrap up our school year this week, we anticipate many visitors in our schools. With this in mind, we reflect on our current school safety practices and want to take a moment to remind our community of the practices we have in place.”

The email asked parents and visitors to the school patience as they enter the schools and check-in before entering the school.

Each of our schools have secure vestibules where visitors are required to check-in prior to entering our buildings,” Longhurst said. “We ask for your patience as school personnel do their part to allow patrons into the schools safely.”

The email said LCSD is grateful for the relationship with local law enforcement and emergency responders for the support the district receives.

According to the email, teachers and students use the DIR-S (Disaster Incident Report and Security) alert application which allows individuals to notify others of an emergency with a touch of a button within 5 seconds.

“Students and teachers practice using our DIR-S emergency communication system on a regular basis and we have found it to be very effective when we have had to use the system for situations in which our schools need to be secured for various reasons,” the email said.

Longhurst also said they were grateful for the relationships the resource officers have with the students.

The email was concluded by thanking the students that reach out when they see or hear something that raises concern and encourages them to continue to reach out to a trusted adult or a school counselor if they need to talk about the recent tragedy in Texas.

The safety of our students and our staff is of the utmost importance to us,” Longhurst said. “As we reiterate the safety practices we have in place, we look forward to ending the school year while preserving a safe, supportive environment for all students.”

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