Buttermilk Pancakes and Sausage

One of my favorite activities and memories is cooking breakfast with my two oldest grandsons. Braxon and Peanut are now teenagers and Grandpa Todd is not as impressionable on them as he was years ago. Braxon getting his driver’s license and both of them now being aware of their female classmates has bumped Grandpa and Grandma down the list of priorities!

But when they were younger, they were my constant sidekicks in the kitchen as we made pancakes or waffles. A protein serving of sausage or bacon was often included. They each stood on a stool, at my side, as we prepared our weekend morning meals. I usually let them determine the menu. But I insisted that if we chose sausage, it had to be links, not patties. They loved going to the store with me to pick up all the ingredients.

Object lessons work best, so I demonstrated my preference to them by putting my hand up high and saying, “Links up here!” Then I lowered my hand down low and added, “Patties down here.” They giggled, grinned and mimicked my words as we dished up the food and carried it to the table.

A “good, better and best” analogy is illustrative of my thoughts.

Patties are good, a few strips of bacon are better, but put a few perfectly cooked sausage links on the plate, and now it is the best.

Crawling into bed when fatigued is good. But having freshly laundered sheets is better and if you’ve just toweled off after a soak in the hot tub, it’s the best.

Going to a Nascar race is good. Seeing your favorite driver up close is better but watching him win the race is the best. Of course, I am referring to the fourth member of the Godhead, Jeff Gordon!

Thinking about your grandchildren is good. Texting or talking with them on the phone is better but having them on your lap eating sour cream and onion potato chips is best.

Being alive is good. Doing what makes you happy is better, but doing for others to see their happiness is the best.

Listening to music is good. Learning to play an instrument is better. Achieving a skill level to play in front of others to applause is the best.

Having children is good. Watching them grow up to be happy, well adjusted and productive adults is better. But having grandchildren is the best.

Having a fast car is good. Driving it fast is better. But not getting a speeding ticket ranks as the best.

Having a beating healthy heart is good. Early diagnosis of a blocked artery is better. Getting it repaired to allow many more years with those grandchildren is the best. (JOB WELL DONE to Dr. Jacob DeLaRosa MD, Ashley McNamara PA and Mike Wetzel, PA).

Having a french dip sandwich is good, a side of fries or onion rings with it is better, but having extra au jus for dipping is the best.

There are plenty of good, better and bests in life. But listing the tally  of “bests” takes some thought, effort and appreciation of our present and past. Our perspective and viewpoint plays a role in categorizing events into their appropriate pigeonhole. It will certainly change over time. I prefer sausage links, you may prefer patties. But throw in a side of bacon or a pancake and we all win!

It’s not that parents love their grandchildren more than their children. I think it’s because grandchildren remind them of their own children when they were little and you are getting to love that version of them all over again. If you ask me, that is “good, better and best” all wrapped up together, like pigs in a blanket!

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