Photos of Dylan Rounds who was last seen near the Lucin, Utah.

Missing poster of Dylan Rounds

BOX ELDER COUNTY — Law enforcement and family members are continuing to search for a 19-year-old Box Elder County man last seen near the Nevada-Utah border. Dylan Rounds was working on a farm in Lucin, Utah, and was last heard from May 28, when he called his grandmother.

Box Elder County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Cade Palmer said deputies are continuing to search for Rounds and investigating the circumstances surrounding the man’s disappearance. They are continuing to treat the incident as both a missing person and criminal investigation.

Rounds is described as being 5-foot-10 and 160 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes. He was last seen wearing jeans, a dark shirt and a flannel jacket.

Palmer said county volunteer teams have logged over 300 hours searching for Rounds, covering over 3,000 miles. Detectives have also spent over 650 hours investigating the case.

Rounds family expressed their gratitude for the help but voiced frustrations with law enforcement’s cooperation. The family said in a press release that have had to make repeated requests for resources before getting any response. They hope that there will be improved cooperation in the future.

Family and friends have been circulating information and photos of Rounds on social media, in addition to organizing their own search parties. They claim there are suspicious circumstances surrounding his disappearance.

Palmer said investigators are only releasing updates that do not have the potential to compromise their investigation.

Deputies report Rounds’ cellphone and wallet have not been found, while none of the vehicles on the farm were taken. Family members said a pair of boots, located roughly 100 yards from where his grain truck was parked, were determined to be his.

Rounds’ mother, Candice Cooley, said she was not aware of her son having any enemies, although she believed he had recently fired a farmworker who she does not think harbored any ill will. The area is very rural, she said, and neighbors mostly live off the grid and keep to themselves.

Anyone with information regarding Rounds’ whereabouts is asked to contact the Box Elder County Sheriff’s Office at 435-734-3800.

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