LOGAN – The Logan Tabernacle remodel is nearing completion, but there are some boxes that need to be checked before it opens to the public.

Allen Cooley, the Logan South Stake President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who oversees the Logan Tabernacle, said he thought the public would be happy with the upgrades.

“The contractor and the Facilities Management group should have all the work done by the end of the month,” he said. “I submitted everything to the area office, and we are waiting on their approval.”

Cooley said they plan to have an Open House when everything is approved.

“When COVID-19 hit the valley, the tabernacle was closed and the remodeling began,” he said. “It’s been about four years since COVID shut down activities at the tabernacle.”

Cooley said the organ console and pipes have been cleaned and instead of facing each other the organ and piano face the audience.

“Most of the organ pipes were repainted, they look really nice,” the stake president said. “The organ sounds good, but I’m not a musician. We also have a new Steinway grand piano.”

The official seating capacity of the main floor is 1,025 people.

“The baptismal font has been removed and the whole bottom floor now  is meeting rooms,” Cooley said. “One room will seat 200 people, another will seat 120 people and the last room is a smaller, it will hold 50 to 60 people.”

All the meeting rooms on the bottom floor will have large screen HD-TV monitors and can be used to downstream what is going on upstairs or used for other AV needs.

“One of the big changes are the men’s and women’s restrooms. They have been enlarged,” he said. “There is also unisex bathroom facilities.”

Two thirds of top balcony is gone. They put in a concrete wall in the back and the bell tower was changed on the inside as part of the seismic upgrade.

“The benches now have padded backs and seats,” he said. “And the pews are further apart so you can stand up without banging you knees on the bench in front of you.”

There is a new HVC that is climate controlled and keeps the tabernacle at the same temperature winter or summer.

All of the lighting is LED now and the sculpted carpet was chosen to look like pioneer day carpet which came from Europe.

The original construction of the Logan Tabernacle began in 1864 and was completed 27 years later. In 1891 it was dedicated by Church President Wilford Woodruff. It has had several upgrades since it was first completed.

The historic building was constructed entirely from local materials. The exterior walls of quartzite came out of Green Canyon and the white limestone corners and trimmings were quarried near Franklin.

The pine pillars supporting the balcony were painted to resemble marble.

Tabernacles are among the finest historic examples of Latter-day Saint architecture. These historic buildings today are used for more than Sunday worship services, they have become community gathering places. Tabernacles today host concerts, school graduations, choral programs, lectures and funerals.

Another tabernacle in the valley is the Smithfield Tabernacle. Tabernacles near Cache Valley include the Brigham City and Garland tabernacles in Box Elder County. Bear Lake County in Idaho has two: one in Montpelier the other in Paris.

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