Congressman Blake Moore and new team member Lisa Roskelley talk with KVNU For the People host Jason Williams.

LOGAN — A new committee appointment for Utah First District Congressman Blake Moore and he also introduced a new staff member on KVNU’s For the People program last week. Lisa Roskelley recently joined Moore’s team to take on no-small task, District Outreach, reaching out to constituents and companies in the district.

“It’s really not that easy to make sure that everyone knows what the congressman is doing and that he wants to hear(them).  His only goal is to make sure that what’s keeping his constituents up at night, those fears and concerns and opportunities, are being addressed back in D.C. in the many ways that they can be,” she explained.

She feels this is a great opportunity to go out and make sure they are communicating with not only elected officials but community organizations and businesses.

The day before the Republican primary election and announcement was made that Moore would be appointed to another governmental committee.

“So, we spent a good solid 45 minute session about a month or so ago, talking about the Debt and Deficit taskforce put together and the recommendations that we had out…..well, the day before the primary I got appointed to the budget committee,” Moore said.

He explained that as he sits on the Armed Services Committee, there are several appointments that go on that committee.  Moore said that Leader Kevin McCarthy had asked another individual who else could be on it, and he responded ‘Blake!’  saying that he is so passionate about it, which Moore quipped it usually means he won’t shut up about it.

Moore said he’s looking forward to it, even though this is the third committee he has been appointed to.

“And my team’s like ‘we’re already pretty overloaded’, and I go ‘hey listen, once the campaign gets done we need to be fully back to work’.  Not that we ever stopped, but you’re a little bit distracted, and you’re a little bit stressed, and you go through all the things that you would go through during a reelection.”

In addition to the House Armed Services Committee, Moore sits on the Committee on Natural Resources.



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