Laurie and Lance Hemsley are opening the new Crust Club in Logan at 981 South Main Suite 180.

LOGAN – A new franchise concept is opening in Logan, offering fresh and ready-to-bake meals that can be picked up on-site or even delivered to the home. Crust Club, recently purchased and franchised by Utah-based Crumbl cookies, officially opens its doors on Friday, March 8. The restaurant has taken over the Crumbl cookie location at 981 South Main Suite 180 in Logan and features take-and-bake meals like pot pies, casseroles, pastas, soups and desserts.

Laurie Hemsley poses with one of the take-and-bake family meals that can be purchased at Crust Club in Logan.

And to celebrate its grand opening, franchise owner Laurie Hemsley says thousands of meals will be given away for free.

“The first 2,000 (people) to come into the store get a free, individual White Chicken Enchilada meal,” exclaims Hemsley. “They are so good, one of my favorites. We also have some wooden spoons. I love a good wooden spoon in the kitchen. So, the first 500 to come to the store get a wooden spoon that says Crust Club on it.”

The original Crust Club is located in Pleasant Grove. Laurie and husband Lance are opening the store’s first-ever franchise location, which allows people to take meals from the Crust Club kitchen to their own. Hemsley says the name invokes a feeling of being in a group of people who love good food.

“It’s a great option. It’s kind of a new concept here in Cache Valley and it’s something I’m excited and passionate about,” Hemsley adds.

A serving of Sun Dried Tomato Pasta at Crust Club. Photo provided by Crust Club.

Hemsley says the store will be open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and menu items have portion sizes appropriate for one person, with dinners large enough to feed a family of six. Menu items include a variety of options, like Sunday Roast, Chicken Pot Pie, Sun Dried Tomato Chicken Pasta, Butternut Squash Soup and deserts like Apple Pie, Key Lime Pie and Sticky Buns. A card with baking instructions is handed out with each menu item.

Hemsley says she comes from a family of foodies and she fell in love with the concept of creating fresh, healthy meals that are easy for families to make and enjoy without much effort.

“I love that it’s fresh food, it’s home-cooked and you know what’s in it,” she explains. “We can tell you all the ingredients.

“You know how important it is to have family time, life is so busy these days. It’s so nice to have this option to come in, grab a meal, pop it in the oven and have that time with your family around the table.”

Hemsley says meals can easily be frozen to be enjoyed later and also make great gifts for people in need.

A serving of BBQ Mac Pot Pie at Crust Club. Photo courtesy of Crust Club.

Orders for the meals can be placed online at or through the Crust Club mobile app (which is currently only available on Apple devices but an app for Android is currently in development and is anticipated to be released soon).

The company spent considerable time researching and sourcing quality ingredients that they will use for the meals. And all the food is assembled and cooked on-site to ensure freshness.

“Our team is baking and making everything fresh daily here in the store, making the gravy, making the crusts, making the sauces. I love that.”

The staff for Crust Club came from the Crumbl cookie store that used to be at the south Logan location, and Hemsley says they have hired additional staff to help prepare the meals. All of the Crumbl cookie business will now be generated from the 1309 North Main location near Sam’s Club in Logan while also expanding its delivery radius.

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