LOGAN – Logan City officials have reported that they have reached an impasse with property owners who have blocked a trail connection near 600 East and 400 North.

“The Logan City attorney (Craig Carlston) and Parks and Recreation director (Russ Akina) have had multiple conversations with the two property owners at approximately 600 East and 400 North,” according to Mayor Holly Daines, in a statement issued on April 26.

The goal of those discussions was to propose potential alternatives in an effort to re-open the trail connection for public use at that location.

“Unfortunately,” the mayor added, “we were not able to reach a resolution at this time and we are no longer in discussions.”

For the time being, at least, access to the Logan Canal Trail network that connects downtown Logan to Logan Canyon and other destinations will remain blocked.

Businessman and longtime trail advocate Mark Lunt explained on KVNU’s “For the People” that the Logan Canyon Trail dates back almost 100 years and has always been open until recently when local homeowners removed the easement provision for a portion of their trail network on their property.

The city press release promised that officials will look for other potential options to provide a trail connection in the same general area.

In the meantime, officials are urging to public to respect the private property rights of the involved homeowners.

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