LOGAN – City officials have announced that their 2024 Chip and Seal program will take place from July 8 to 31.

Chip and seal is also known as seal coating or Bituminous Surface Treatment (BST). It’s a process by which a protective coating is applied to existing pavement. 

Chip and seal is a cost-effective way to extend the life of a road and can be used early in a road’s lifespan to add 10–20 years of life. Chip and seal can also improve skid resistance, fill small cracks and protect the pavement from sun and water. 

Scheduled streets will be chipped during the period from July 8 to 18.

Those same streets will be sealed during the period from July 22 to 31.

A list of all Logan streets slated for the chip and seal treatment, as well as the projected dates of those efforts during July, can be found by going online to https://www.loganutah.gov/…/streets/chip_and_seal.php

Approximately 2 to 3 days before chipping begins and again before the sealing process begins, crews from the Street Division of Logan City Public Work will place “No Parking” barricades along the shoulders of the aforementioned roads, according to a recent Facebook posting.

City officials warn motorist that any vehicles left parked on those roadways when the chipping or sealing process begins will be impounded at the owner’s expense.

The Street Division promises that residents and business owners will be able to access their driveways while crews are chipping, although there might be a slight delay. That delay is likely to be longer during the sealing process, in order for the seal coat to dry.

During the interim between the chipping process and the application of the seal coat, city crews will be sweeping excess chips from the scheduled streets. That effort will likely take place at night or during the early morning, as cooler temperature are necessary to protect the surface of the newly chipped roads.

Residents are asked to ensure that sprinklers do not water any part of the street surface for 4 hours after the road is chipped and again when the street is sealed.

Once the street has been chipped, motorists are advised not to turn sharply or spin their tires on the new surface.

The Street Division will attempt to work closely with the published chip and seal schedule, but many factors can impact that timetable, including weather, equipment issues or repairs being performed by other city departments.

For those reasons, changes may occur throughout the chip and seal process. The Street Division appreciates the patience and understanding of affected residents and business owners.

For additional information, questions or concerns, Logan residents are encouraged to call 435-716-9642.

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