LOGAN — Well-known children’s fantasy author Brandon Mull has just published his fifth book in the Dragonwatch series, Return of the the Dragon Slayers.

He, along with northern Utah author Tyler Whitesides, will be featured at an author event and book-signing on Wednesday evening from 6 to 8p.m. at Logan Library (255 N. Main, Logan).

Mull will also appear in some local classrooms Wednesday morning.  In his class appearances, he talks to kids about the importance of reading and cultivating their own creativity.

On KVNU’s For the People program on Tuesday, he explained why he does that.

“Well for me, using my imagination to share books changed my life. Also, throughout my life, reading has been a form of escape and therapy for me. So I try to share those realities with kids. If they just read good books and create cool stuff, whatever their favorite creative outlet is, which could be really broad, they will watch their imaginations get stronger.  Through that stronger imagination it creates opportunities in life,” he said.

Mull says he encourages reading because it does something that other media platforms do nearly as well.

“I’m not anti-Instagram, I’m not anti-television or good movies, I like all that stuff. But I think if we miss out on reading, we’re missing something that’s so key on the entertainment menu. Because as we read, it automatically engages our imagination, we become a co-creator with the author of the story, right?  We visualize that story for ourselves, instead of have someone show it to us.”

Mull is a #1 New York Times best-selling author and lives in Utah with his family.

Tyler Whitesides lives in northern Utah. While attending Utah State University, he got a part time job as a night custodian where he got the idea for his five-book series, Janitors.

He has now published ten books.

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