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NORTH LOGAN – Cache County School District was named the fourth-best school district in the State of Utah by Stacker in their Best School Districts in Utah.

“It speaks to the quality of our school community: our parents and our students and our teachers and support staff,” CCSD Chief Information Officer Tim Smith said. “That’s really who gets the credit for anything we do with regards to being recognized on a list because it represents a lot of hard work by those groups: students, teachers, parents and staff.”

Stacker ranked the district based on academics, teacher salaries, expenses per student and access to extracurricular activities.

CCSD has a graduation rate of 94 percent with a 60 percent proficiency in reading and 63 percent in math. The district also has a student to teacher ration of 24 to 1.

“We pride ourselves in our graduation rate,” Smith said. “We’ve always led the state in our proficiency scores on reading and math assessments.”

Of the top five of the districts on the list, CCSD is the district with the most schools and students more than doubling the number of students to the 5th ranked district.

“We’re only one of two public school districts in the top four,” Smith said. “Two of the other four are private schools; one of them has 1000 students, one of them 429 students. So, we feel privileged to be in the top four but even more so when you consider we have 20,000 students.”

CCSD is also among the highest average teacher salaried districts on the list being topped only by Park City School District.

“We try to do our very best, our superintendent does, to reward our teachers and to pay them the most that we can, given our salary structure,” Smith said.

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