LOGAN–As the new school year approaches, Logan City (LCSD) and Cache County School (CCSD) districts will work closely with the Bear River Health Department as they prepare to welcome students back with some preventative measures against COVID to keep students and staff safe.

“We are excited to see everyone and look forward to having a school year with everyone in our classrooms,” LCSD Foundation Executive Director and District Communications Specialist Shana Longhurst said. “We will do our best to keep everyone healthy.”

In letters to parents, the school districts encourage staff and students who are vaccine eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. This includes students 12 and older as the Pfizer vaccine has been approved for individuals 12 or older.

“We encourage everyone who is vaccine eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine,” the LCSD letter said. “Widespread vaccination across our community is our best tool for limiting the spread of COVID-19, and will help us minimize the likelihood of student quarantines and the interruptions to instruction that an increase in COVID-19 cases can cause.”

For individuals who are not eligible or do not desire to receive the vaccine, LCSD and CCSD encourage them to wear masks when indoors. With the passing of House Bill 294, which ended all mask mandates in Utah as of July, the school districts cannot require masks.

We will encourage those who are not vaccinated to wear masks if they so choose,” Longhurst said. “They will definitely be supported and encouraged to do so because we will have, especially in elementary schools, we will have a large group of unvaccinated individuals coming together and we will have long periods of contact.”

In their letter, CCSD said they would work closely with BRHD to monitor local conditions and respond appropriately including informing parents of positive cases in classrooms so they can monitor the student for any symptoms.

The districts will continue to follow a regimen of sanitizing, cleaning high touch surfaces and hand washing. Both districts ask parents to keep children who do not feel well at home to help prevent the spread of not only COVID but other illnesses as well.

“We will follow a school regimen of cleaning high-touch surfaces more frequently,” CCSD said in a letter to parents, “[We] would encourage families, as we did last year, to be diligent with hand washing, good hygiene practices, and keeping children home when they are ill.”

If a school reaches a case threshold of 30 or 2% cases, the districts will institute a “Test to Stay” protocol. The “Test to Stay” protocol involves school-wide testing for students to continue in-person instruction. Students who test positive would transition to remote instruction.

“If we begin to approach those numbers in any of our schools, we will work with the Bear River Health Department on any additional measures needed to keep staff and students safe,” the CCSD letter said.

The school year will return to its pre-COVID Monday through Friday schedule for both districts with CCSD classes starting on Aug. 19 while LCSD classes starting on Aug. 18. CCSD Kindergarten will return to class on August 26 while Preschool will begin on August 23.

CCSD will have options for online classes for middle and high school students. Elementary students would be able to continue remote learning through other options such as the Utah Online School through Washington County, the CCSD letter said.

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