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LOGAN — Newly re-elected Logan Mayor Holly Daines returned to KVNU’s Speak to the Mayor program on Wednesday.  Daines election bid was made official and certified on Tuesday as were elections throughout the state.

In her first term she presented a clear agenda of what she would like for the city and pushed forward with it.  She was asked by host Jason Williams if this feels like vindication for her policies.

“It really does because sometimes…and again, we welcome people’s viewpoints, but sometimes people who are critical, they may have the louder viewpoint.  And you always wonder if you hear from the silent majority, you hear that term. It’s like ‘am I doing the right thing?’ – you want to do what the voters approve of. So…I was really delighted, I was humbled, I was appreciative, but it said to me ‘you’re on the right track’”, she said.

Daines said there are projects underway that she is relieved that she will have the opportunity to finish up and see through.

“But people have said ‘we know you, you’ll probably start new(projects)too’. That may be true and I may not be around to see those be completed, but I will work hard. I think that’s one thing that people who know me…I have a pretty strong work ethic and I work really hard and I’ll continue to do that. And again, I just appreciate the vote of confidence.”

One of those projects is the Center Block Plaza going into the old Emporium location. The mayor said they have talked with business owners in that area who had great suggestions about how to try to make the parking work as well as possible during the construction.

“Clearly people will preserve access to businesses both in the Center block area from behind where the parking is as well as out front. But we hope to start on the demolition sometime after Christmas. We told the merchants, we’re not going to do anything before Christmas, we don’t want to impact things during your busy season.”

Daines said they are finalizing the construction drawings that will be bid separately.

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