CACHE COUNTY — As we enter into the warmer months in our second year of severe drought in Utah, the big question is ‘How does the water situation look?’

On KVNU’s For the People program on Tuesday, Nathan Daugs  of Cache Water Conservancy District said it varies across the state, even in different areas of northern Utah.

“As a whole, we’re in better shape than we were last year in Cache County. Our streams are flowing much better than they did last year, and that’s really where, as far as agricultural water, where we get the majority of our water is from stream flows. So, the canal companies, irrigation companies, are looking better than they did last year, still not great. And by the end of the summer,(we’ll)probably be in a similar situation with low flows,” he said.

Daugs said Utah authorities are encouraging conservation statewide.

“Right now for the northern part of the state they’ve just started recommending the first irrigation for lawns, maximum of one time a week is really all our lawns need right now, and if we get lucky and the rain produces this weekend, you’ll be able to skip a week of that.”

He said the state is concerned about how we can get water to the Great Salt Lake as well as developing other water sources for northern Utah for future needs.

Daugs said whether we are in a drought or not, we need to learn to live with less water and plan for fewer green lawns in building projects as we move forward.

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