LOGAN — Cache Valley Media Group is once again proud to present its Region 11 All-Region awards for the 2024 Boys Basketball season. This season was one of the most competitive for Region 11 in recent memory, making for a tough fight to the top of the standings which produced three teams that were ranked in the top five of the final RPI.

The following awards and All-Region teams were voted on by Cache Valley Media Group’s group of high school broadcasters, including “Hurricane” John Newbold, Jason Walker, Adam Loertscher, Trent Carter, Josh Theurer, Dave Simmons, “The Patriot” Nick Zollinger, Jake Ellis, “The Coach” John Olsen, Stockton Jewkes, Terrell Baldwin and Eric Frandsen.


Player of the Year — Jordan Child (Logan)

Although Logan lost a First Team All-Region player over the summer, Child ensured this year’s Grizzlies would not drop off and he did so through his spectacular two-way impact. The 6-foot-5 forward led the region in points (20.9), rebounds (7.8), steals (2.5) and blocks (1.7) and was also third in assists (3.8). When Logan needed a bucket on offense or a stop on defense, it was very often Child who came through, and the Grizzlies’ 8-2 record in games decided by three or fewer points reflected Child’s ability to come through when the team needed him to.

“Jordan is the kind of player you become accustomed to seeing greatness from,” said Logan broadcast analyst Adam Loertscher. “Jordan scored 20-plus points a game so much so that it felt like another day in the office. It wasn’t just his scoring ability, but his hustle on defense that helped everyone on the team play solid defense.”

Defensive Player of the Year — Cam Blotter (Ridgeline)

A true point of attack defender, Blotter guided a defense that paved the way for Ridgeline to win its second Region 11 title in three years. Blotter averaged 2.3 steals on the season, creating consistent problems for opposing offenses and keeping them from getting into a clean flow on that side of the court. With his play at the most underrated level of the defense, Ridgeline allowed the second-fewest points throughout region play (barely behind region-leading Green Canyon).

“Cam was the motor of the team,” said Ridgeline broadcast analyst Nick Zollinger. “His energy and relentless hustle caused havoc for other teams. His anticipation and acumen for the game set him apart as Defensive Player of the Year.”

Sixth Man of the Year —  Preston Brenchley (Ridgeline)

Every great team needs depth and it’s no surprise that the region champions produced the top sixth man in the region. Brenchley provided an extra scoring boost off the bench at 4.5 points per game along with 1.8 rebounds, 1.2 assists and 0.6 steals per game.

“Preston was a spark of energy off the bench,” said Zollinger. “His consistent play was a calming presence for his team. Preston added the depth and leadership off the bench that was crucial to the success of the Riverhawks this season.”

Coach of the Year — Kyle Day (Ridgeline)

Ridgeline had high preseason expectations for how it would perform in region play given the Riverhawks returned several key players and contributors from last year’s second-place squad, and Day pushed this team to meet those expectations. Guys like Carson Cox and Jagger Francom saw massive jumps in production to become not just good players, but stars in Region 11 and 4A as a whole.

“A great high school coach is one who not only understands the X’s and O’s of the game, but who pass that knowledge on to young players,” said Ridgeline play-by-play voice Dave Simmons. “Coach Day has done an excellent job leading the Ridgeline Boys Basketball team and will be missed as he steps away from the position. He has a great knowledge of the game and has logged many hours to enable his team to succeed. He has always done his best to continue building a culture of winning and sportsmanship.”


Jordan Child, Sr, Forward (Logan)

20.9 Points | 7.8 Rebounds | 3.8 Assists | 2.5 Steals | 1.7 Blocks

See above Player of the Year section for Child’s season profile

Carson Cox, Sr, Guard (Ridgeline)

19.1 Points | 7.6 Rebounds | 2.0 Assists | 0.7 Steals | 0.8 Blocks

Without Cox’s fantastic play late in the season, Ridgeline would have had no chance at winning the region title or competing with the best in the playoffs. Over the final 10 games of the season, Cox averaged 22.1 points and 9.1 rebounds, posting four double-doubles. And as teams focused on him more defensively in the final stretch, Cox became a playmaker, averaging 3.0 assists in the final six games.

“Coming into the season, there were already high expectations put on Carson Cox. He was a returning starter and everyone knew that much of the scoring load would fall on his shoulders,” said Simmons. “Carson more than lived up to those expectations by averaging close to 20 points per game. He was an excellent player when the season started, but even more impressively, I thought he got better throughout the season. He was able to take his game to an even higher level than anticipated by recognizing areas where he could improve. That’s the mark of a great player. His toughness and aggressiveness increased as the season progressed and he was able to lead his team through a very challenging but successful season.”

Jagger Francom, Sr, Forward (Ridgeline)

15.4 Points | 7.5 Rebounds | 1.5 Assists | 0.4 Steals | 1.5 Blocks

Francom made a big jump this season, becoming not just an interior anchor for Ridgeline as a rebounder and shot-blocker, but as a reliable source of offense. He set new career highs in all five main statistical categories, seeing significant increases in points and rebounds (9.2 and 5.1 last year). Francom racked up seven double-doubles, including three during region play, along with six games of at least three blocks. Not content to make teams fear his 6-foot-9 stature on the inside, Francom also made teams fear his outside shooting as he his 36 percent of his 3-pointers on roughly two attempts per game.

“Despite dealing with injuries that were not known to the casual observer, Jagger Francom used his 6’9″ frame to create mismatches almost every time he stepped on the court,” said Simmons. “Allowing certain injuries to become public knowledge can allow opponents to exploit vulnerabilities, so Jagger kept those difficulties between himself and the Ridgeline training staff and battled every game. He was a threat every night to score 20 and grab 10 boards. Usually, a 6,9 player isn’t expected to have a sweet shooting stroke and soft hands but Jagger has both. He was deadly offensively and an anchor defensively as he protected the rim and pulled down rebounds.

Jared Anderson, Sr, Guard (Green Canyon)

16.9 Points | 3.9 Rebounds | 2.6 Assists | 1.2 Steals | 0.1 Blocks

Although the Wolves finished third in the Region 11 standings, it was Green Canyon that made it the furthest in the 4A playoffs. Anderson’s offensive prowess as the most prolific shooter in not just Region 11, but in 4A overall. He made 2.6 threes per game, the highest in 4A, and despite having by far the highest volume of anyone in the region, still had the fourth-highest 3-pointer percentage. His scoring bursts at the end of the season, 29 points at Logan, 23 points against Ridgeline in the playoffs, facilitated the Wolves in finishing with the fifth-best RPI and an appearance in the 4A semifinal.

“Jared Anderson was a scoring threat on every possession that he was on the floor this season,” said Green Canyon broadcast analyst Terrell Baldwin. “He is a 1,000 point scorer in his career. He can score from anywhere on the floor. He is a great teammate!”

Kaden Hess, Sr, Forward (Mountain Crest)

16.8 Points |7.3 Rebounds | 0.8 Assists | 1.4 Steals | 0.7 Blocks

In the words of Mountain Crest broadcast analyst “The Coach” John Olsen, Hess was “the linchpin to MC’s success.” Though not entirely reflected in the team’s fifth-place finish in Region 11, Mountain Crest took a big step forward this year and Hess factored heavily into that jump. Hess was the fourth-leading scorer of Region 11 and second-leading rebounder while also adding solid steal and block totals throughout the season.

“His ability to score in the paint when double- or triple-teamed was amazing to watch,” Olsen further said of Hess. “He is the teammate you want by your side in the trenches.”

Hess’ great play led to the Mustangs nearly upsetting Logan on the road and then later pulling off that upset at home. He finished the year with six double-doubles, three of those during region play or the playoffs.


Jalen Argyle, Sr, Forward (Logan)

13.5 Points | 4.5 Rebounds | 2.6 Assists | 0.5 Steals | 0.9 Blocks

Logan broadcast analyst Adam Loertscher on Argyle: “Jalen brought tons of grit and energy to his team. It was fun to watch opposing players have a good game until Jalen started guarding them. Jalen also could catch fire from the 3-point line. When Jalen started raining down threes you would know it was going to be a good night for the Grizzlies.”

Josh Arnell, Sr, Guard (Mountain Crest)

12.8 Points | 3.5 Rebounds | 1.7 Assists | 1.1 Steals | 0.3 Blocks

Mountain Crest broadcast analyst “The Coach” John Olsen on Arnell: “Josh Arnell was the fuel for MC’s well-oiled team. Josh brought toughness and tenacity to the defense that emanated through the team. And his 3-point sharp shooting lifted the team to great heights.”

Kyver Jensen, Sr, Guard (Bear River)

14.0 Points | 2.0 Rebounds | 2.5 Assists | 2.0 Steals | 0.0 Blocks

Bear River play-by-play voice Trent Carter on Jensen: “His speed and ball-handling hade him extremely difficult to guard. His ability to attack the basket was second to none. He could change the game on both ends of the floor, developing into one of the most dynamic guards in Region 11.”

Cam Blotter, Sr, Guard (Ridgeline)

6.5 Points | 4.3 Rebounds | 5.3 Assists | 2.3 Steals | 0.3 Blocks

See above Defensive Player of the Year section for season profile

Liam Guthrie, Sr, Guard (Sky View)

15.7 Points | 3.8 Rebounds | 1.8 Assists | 0.8 Steals | 0.2 Blocks

Sky View play-by-play voice John Newbold on Guthrie: “When Tanner Davis got hurt, Sky View needed someone to step up and provide scoring. Liam provided that for the Bobcats.”


  • Macade Rolle (Sky View)
  • Gavin Crane (Green Canyon)
  • Jackson Penigar (Green Canyon)
  • Bridger Barfuss (Bear River)
  • Gehrig Marble (Bear River)
  • Diego Vazquez (Ridgeline)
  • Khyson Buchmiller (Ridgeline)
  • Rigdon Anderson (Mountain Crest)

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