Idle Isle Fine Candies in Brigham City are busy getting ready for Valentines Day.

BRIGHAM CITY – There are a lot of businesses that flourish during Valentines Day. Florists and candy stores generally do a booming business. Flower shops are busy making floral arrangements and the candy stores make boxes of candy for gifts of the heart.

Nadali Lewis prepares a box of candy at Idle Isle Fine Candies in Brigham City on Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2024.

Idle Isle Fine Candies, located at 41 South Main in Brigham City, is busy making their chocolates for Valentines Day. They are still trying to catch up from Christmas. That holiday pretty much depleted their inventory. Valentines is busy, too, and owners’ sisters Julie Gailey and Shari Van Dyke are elbow deep in making and selling sweets. They hire approximately 10 part-time employees to make candy, box and sell their goods.

Shari’s husband was the grandson of the original owners Percy and Verbel Knudson who opened the café across the street that carries the same name.

The time came when they decided to split the candy business and the eatery. David and LaRita Call devoted their efforts to the sweet side of the business and the Knudson’s kept the restaurant.

The Calls developed 40-plus candy recipes that were to become the backbone of the success of Idle Isle Candy Company. The Calls were integral to production of the chocolates.

They were always trying to develop new and higher quality candy making ingredients, as well as processing techniques. Call always ensured the ingredients and techniques he used in his candy making were of the finest quality.

Sisters Julie Gailey and Sari VanDyke owner Idle Isle Fine Candies and make a large share of the candies’ ingredients.

The family-owned business has sold chocolates on Main Street in Brigham City since 1921 and they take great pride in all of their products. They are proud of their hand-dipped chocolates and other products including their original recipe jams.

“Christmas is always the busiest, Valentines Day is close second,” Shari said. “We still use the original recipes Percy and Verbel Knudson used.”

Some of the equipment in the back is the same used early on in the candy business. They have also added some modern equipment.

“It’s a fulfilling job,” Shari said. “I have been doing it most of my life.”

Shari has been making chocolates at the store for 38 years and Julie has been there for 40 years.

Things have changed a little during their 103 years of operation; they’ve added lines of candy to appease a younger generation.

“We have an older clientele that likes the chocolates the way they have always been made, “she said. “We are trying to appeal to a younger audience so we carry things like licorice, freeze dried candy and other flavors that appeal to kids.”

Shayla Kasperski and Vicki Bond are dipping candy for Idle Isle Fine Candies in Brigham City on Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2024.

They sell a fair amount of sugarless candy. Although their store does well with walk-ins their online business is also a money maker. The candy company tries to use all local ingredients and uses the same recipes the founders did a century ago. They also have developed a strong account list for area businesses.

“People from out of town will stop by the store and buy our candy, then they find our website and order candy,” she said. “Brigham City is family oriented and families that grew up in Brigham City and moved away buy a lot of our candy.”

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