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A group of private developers have announced Logan’s first-ever gentlemen’s club will be coming to the site previously occupied by CAL Ranch on Logan’s Main Street.

“The Bridgerland Gentlemen’s Club will be unlike anything you’ve ever seen in Cache Valley,” quipped the head developer on the project, who spoke on condition of anonymity because some aspects of the development have not yet been finalized. “Any gentleman in this community would be a fool not to come sample what we have to offer. It will definitely improve their relationships with the women in their lives.”

Word of the new development initially shocked Logan City officials, until they learned more details about the project and participated in some of what it has to offer.

“This will actually be a fine establishment for our community. It will be a good place for men, married or not, to gather,” says a Logan City official.

The Bridgerland Gentlemen’s Club seeks to strengthen relationships between men and women.

Some things that will occur inside Bridgerland Gentlemen’s Club include:

  • How to open doors for ladies
  • How to properly pull a chair out for a lady when she prepares to sit at a dinner table
  • How to conceal passing gas when on a date
  • How to properly make eye contact
  • When to order food
  • When to leave the toilet seat down
  • Which table settings are used first at a fancy meal
  • How to tell your date that her dress does, in fact, make her look fat
  • How to walk street-side when walking a woman down a sidewalk
  • How to shake hands
  • Helping the elderly with their groceries

While such an establishment sounds like a good idea (and its topics would be beneficial) no such business actually exists.

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