LOGAN — A cookbook that is based on things grown in your garden or by local growers and sold at farmer’s markets is being offered by USU Extension through their Create Better Health program.

On KVNU’s For the People program on Wednesday, LaCee Jiminez, the evaluation and social marketing coordinator talked about the purpose of the program.

“And we’re tasked specifically to help folks who may have limited income, limited means to be able to live healthy, eat healthy and be healthy, and help them overcome barriers. Sometimes that barrier is being able to access healthy produce,” explained Jiminez.

She mentioned some of the benefits from buying from local growers.

“You can enjoy some of the ugly fruit, things that maybe aren’t the pristine example that you’ll see at the grocery store, but they’re still incredibly delicious, and yeah you can see the actual local earth still there.  I think a great benefit is supporting our local economy, local businesses. In Utah, there’s several farmer’s market throughout the state that accept SNAP benefits, meaning food stamps.”

Jiminez said that’s a way to bring in federally-funded dollars into our local economy supporting local growers.

She said they have a long history with supporting agriculture through extension, plus USU is the agriculture college of Utah, so the cookbook was a perfect fit to support local agriculture.

She said because the local population is often very busy with work and more, families may not have time to figure some of these things out on their own, to check all the prices.

So, a way to simplify people’s lives involved providing some recipes with things that are in season, along with tips on meal planning, which is a great way to save money because you’re shopping from a list, thus reducing stress in not having to constantly decide what to eat.

You can get more information at CreateBetterHealth.org and at extension.usu.edu.


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