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Saturday, September 10 is World Suicide Prevention Day. According to the Utah Department of Health, an average of two Utahns die from suicide every day and 12 Utahns are hospitalized or treated in an emergency room due to injuries from a suicide attempt.

Utah State Senator Lyle Hillyard, R-Logan, has been attending legislative meetings this week where the problem of suicide was addressed. He says ideas were presented about how efforts should be made to deal better with the huge problem.

“I think we, as a state, need to at least train our doctors, train our health care providers so they can be better equipped to look for those issues,” says Hillyard “and to intervene, to stop this really tragic problem.

“Luckily in my family I’ve never experienced that but I have had clients and people that I know who have experienced it. It can be absolutely devastating because of the pressure left on the families, leftover, what should I could have done better.”

Hillyard says at the next legislative session he is going to ask for funding to help deal with the issue because suicide is the eighth leading cause of death in Utah and the suicide rate in 2014 was seventh highest in the nation.

He says efforts to deal with suicide should be a top priority.

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