Source: CVDaily Feed

You might not see many students in classes at 9:30 a.m. but Dean Tom Lee of the Utah State University-Brigham City regional campus says at 5 p.m. the place is buzzing. That’s because students take classes at their own pace, often after work, and there are different ways to deliver classes, such as online.

On KVNU’s Crosstalk program Friday, Lee said there are currently around 1,000 students attending the USU-Brigham City campus with the average age of 31.

“We’ve had a program for single mothers to help them make that hard transition back to school,” Lee said. “We have on-site child care. We have text book assistance.”

Lee said that in addition to the programs designed to help mothers with children, the campus also provides aide to students working toward degrees for in-demand employment.

“The Department of Workforce Services works with students also to help them with funding, especially if they’re getting an associate degree in one of the areas that is on the Department of Workforce Services list of employable degrees.”

Lee said the campus is growing and fortunately funding has been approved for construction of a new building. That is slated to start this year which will serve as the anchor for a new campus.