SMITHFIELD – USDA Rural Housing Service Administrator Joaquin Altoro visited Cache County Monday to participate in a local self-help home build and meet with rural housing advocates in honor of National Homeownership Month. The visit underscored the challenges of homeownership and the importance of partnerships with rural organizations.

Administrator Altoro praised USDA Rural Development’s programs and partnerships, saying, “We’re able to do wonderful things for rural America because of wonderful partners.”

Michele Weaver, Utah State Director for USDA Rural Development, highlighted the efforts to provide safe and affordable homes in Utah, emphasizing collaboration with nonprofit organizations and community leaders.

“Finding high quality, safe and affordable homes in Utah is a challenge,” Weaver said. “We’re so pleased to welcome Administrator Altoro today to share the solutions we’ve worked toward in partnership with nonprofit organizations, community leaders, and housing representatives, to help generations of families continue to live in our beautiful state.”

Altoro visited a Neighborhood Nonprofit Housing Corporation (NNHC) build site in Smithfield, where USDA grants aid in self-help housing projects. The visit included a roundtable discussion on enhancing rural Utah’s housing services.

USDA Rural Development has invested $6.5 billion in Utah’s single-family housing since 2000, assisting over 35,000 households. The agency offers various programs to help individuals and families purchase, build, repair, or refinance homes.

USDA Rural Development supports rural communities with loans and grants for infrastructure, business development, housing, community facilities, and high-speed internet access. For more information, visit

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