After carrying out dozens of strikes in Iraq and Syria last week, the U.S. will take “more action” against Iran-backed militants in response to a deadly drone attack on an American base in Jordan, the White House’s national security adviser said Sunday.

“This was the beginning of our response, there will be more steps,” Jake Sullivan told ABC News “This Week” anchor George Stephanopoulos. “Some of those steps will be seen, so may not be seen. But there will be more action taken to respond to the the tragic death of the three brave U.S. service members.”

Friday afternoon, the U.S. launched its first round of retaliatory strikes in Syria and Iraq, hitting as many as 85 targets in seven locations in less than 45 minutes, according to the U.S., which has blamed Iran-backed fighters for the attack on Tower 22 in Jordan on Jan. 28.

An official said B-1 long-range bombers and 125 precision munitions were used in those strikes.

Iran has denied involvement. Pressed by Stephanopoulos whether additional strikes could escalation tension with Iran, Sullivan said it’s something the U.S. is prepared for.

“This is something that we have to look at as a threat,” he said. “We have to prepare for every contingency, and we are prepared for that contingency. And I would just say, from the perspective of Tehran, if they chose to respond directly to the United States, they would be met with a swift and forceful response from us.”

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