Utah Highway Patrol trooper conducting a traffic stop along 1000 West, Logan

LOGAN — The Memorial Day Holiday marks the beginning of the “100 Deadliest Days” on Utah roads that continues through Labor Day. In order to raise awareness and prevent fatal crashes, law enforcement officials have launched the “Summer Safely” campaign.

Utah Highway Patrol Sgt. Cade Brenchley said they are seeing a sharp increase in traffic violations compared to last year. Troopers report more people are expected to travel during the summer months after the coronavirus pandemic left many feeling stir crazy.

“We enjoy summer as much as anybody,” said Brenchley, “but we also know that the stats don’t lie. It’s called the ‘100 Deadliest Days’ for a reason because that is when we have the majority of our fatal and serious crashes.”

Over the last several months, law enforcement has reported an uptick in DUI drivers. They have also had an increase in speed citations and aggressive driving complaints.

Troopers suspect the longer days tend to make people try and squeeze more activities into their trips. This often leads to drowsy and distracted driving.

Brenchley said his crews will be working extra shifts the next several days. They will be focusing on Logan and Sardine canyons, along with Valley View Highway. Officers and deputies will also be patrolling local roads and neighborhoods.

“Our strategy is to try and alleviate some of these things from happening: the high speeds, the DUI’s, not wearing seat belts, and the aggressive and drowsy driving. Those are what our focus will be on.”

Troopers ask, if people see other vehicles driving dangerously, call 911. Of the calls received, they are finding and pulling over at least 25% them. Of those traffic stops, more than 10% are arrested for impaired driving.


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