A banner placed outside the North Park Police Department

NORTH LOGAN — Officers of the North Park Police Department gathered Thursday night to honor top law enforcers and pay respects to a former member of their agency. The banquet and awards ceremony was a part of National Police Week.

Department Chief Ulysses Black said they presented the Officer of the Year Award to Detective Stewart, for his help while the agency dealt with an “unprecedented time with turnovers.”

“Stewart has had to adjust shifts on a regular basis over that period of time that we needed coverage and shifts filled,” explained Black. “He did that all with a great attitude. And then when it came time to rebuild with new officers, he played a key role in helping train those officers.”

Detective Stewart, who has been with the department for two-years, recently transitioned from the patrol division to investigations. He has reportedly continued to excel in his new position, while dealing with sometimes emotionally charged cases.

Black said this year, the department lost a close member of their law enforcement family, with the death of Hyde Park Mayor, Sharidean Flint. She passed away in April and had been a strong supporter of the police department, serving as both chair and vice-chair of the North Park Police Commission.

“As my role as chief, she was somebody who was always there to talk to and be a sounding board, telling me when I should do things a certain way or sharing her experience. She was a mentor to me.”

During Thursday night’s banquet, officers presented members of Flint’s family with a flag and thanked them for her service.

Black said in honor of Flint’s memory, the department created a new recognition, the Sharidean Flint Community Service Award. It was presented to Officer Boren, who has been with the department for a year and recognized for always handling calls with professional demeanor, even when they are stressful.

“Usually when we appear on social media, it isn’t always the greatest. But recently, Officer Boren was captured by a random citizen, who took a picture of him while he was pouring gas into a stranded motorist’s vehicle. That citizen then went online and thanked the officer and the agency.”

The North Park Police Department handles approximately 115 calls a week, within North Logan and Hyde Park. They also often assist neighboring agencies in Logan, Smithfield and the sheriff’s office.

Black expressed his appreciation to the Cache County Sheriff’s Office, who handled calls Thursday night, so the agency could hold their banquet and awards ceremony.


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